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Viva Las Crute

Viva Las Crute

February 6, 2024 at 06:00 PM UTC

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Crute is live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for the Nevada Presidential Primary election. The least important primary election this year! Why? Because Nikki Haley is the only real candidate in the race, and all the delegates will be given out later this week at the Nevada caucus. You know, the one where Trump will be at.

Trump's opting to skip the election and head to the caucus Thursday night, where his only competition is someone who nobody has even heard of. And the best part for Trump? You need a photo ID!

Speaking Trump, his New York case seems to be falling apart even more, and the case is basically over! Allen Weisselberg may have lied on the stand, and Engoron is not happy. Not only can everything he said in defense of Trump now be tossed out, but it might push Engoron over the edge and make Trump pay as much as possible. False in one thing, false in everything.

As we are on the air, the impeachment vote of Mayorkas FAILS in the House. And who voted no? Wisconsin's own Mike Gallagher? What?

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