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Civic Media Spotlight for March 23rd (Hour 2)

Civic Media Spotlight for March 23rd (Hour 2)

March 23, 2024 6:00 PM CDT

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Guests: Earl Ingram, Greg Bach, Jane Matenaer, Maggie Daun, Pat Kreitlow, Pete Schwaba, Todd Allbaugh, Trygve Olson

Up first for the second hour of this week's Spotlight, the Todd Allbaugh Show is joined by Pat Kreitlow and Trygve Olson. The three have a good discussion as news breaks during the House hearing surrounding Wisconsin’s senior Senator, Vos flip-flopping and endorsing former President Trump, and Trump’s primary numbers continue to under-perform signaling trouble in November.

Next on the Earl Ingram Show, Earl discusses the mismatching priorities our country shows when you compare the cost of ending hunger to the campaign costs projected for the upcoming Presidential election.

After that, Matenaer On Air is joined by Maggie Daun to breakdown the "Mandate For Leadership: The Conservative Promise", put out by the Heritage Foundation. Maggie dives into the technical language and interpreting it for Jane and Greg, as well as the audience so we can all understand the ramifications of a second Trump administration.

Finally, we round out the hour with a nightcap from Nite Lite with Pete Schwaba for Pete's thoughts on March Madness, sharing how far he thinks Wisconsin and Marquette will go in the tournament. Pete and Producer Konrad shares how their March Madness brackets are doing after day one.

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