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Violence has no place in the political process

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Civic Media Spotlight for February 10th (Hour 2)

Civic Media Spotlight for February 10th (Hour 2)

February 10, 2024 6:00 PM CDT

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Guests: Alicia Saunders, Charles Franklin, Earl Ingram, Kelly Peterson, Kristin Lyerly, Pat Kreitlow, Ron Johnson, Sandy Williams, Todd Allbaugh, Trygve Olson

Up first this hour, Earl and Sandy Williams are joined in the studio by United States Senator Ron Johnson. They start the show discussing the economic pressures faced by everyday Americans and disagree over how the government should address them.

Then, the Todd Allbaugh Show discusses Derrick “Do-Nothing” Van Orden living up to his new nickname, as he and his MAGA colleagues refuse to accomplish anything in the House of Representatives. Trump’s followers are stalling to avoid giving Biden a victory, endangering the entire world in the process. Van Orden himself is simply too busy complaining about the lack of Free Bird in the Culvers’ playlist.

After that, Up North News Radio has a conversation about Northeast Wisconsin seeing grassroots activity like never before with people eager to step up and run for office. Three women who have expressed interest in running for Congress are working together to talk up the issues and get more folks interested in running for something and supporting those who do.

Finally, Charles Franklin with the Marquette Law School Poll the Devil's Advocates to discuss the results of his newest poll, that was released Wednesday. Biden and Trump are neck and neck! Hayley, not so much. In fact, she's polling even worse in Wisconsin than she did last night in Nevada. Plus, people want the weed in Wisconsin, and our suspicions are confirmed: Robin Vos is the most unpopular politician in the state of Wisconsin.

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