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As Goes Wisconsin with Kristin Brey is a daily radio show and digital media initiative that believes there is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated way to talk about state and local politics while still celebrating all things Wisconsin. We create content that informs, entertains, and inspires civic engagement because it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Wisconsin moving forward. Broadcasts live on weekdays 11am-2pm across Wisconsin.

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The Old Wisconsin Tradition of Smelting (Hour 3)

Is it rude to tell someone they look like someone else? Is it "Fifty Cent" or "Fiddy Cent"? We talk more 2023 etiquette. Then we reflect on our time as Girl Scouts and we close out the show talking to WAUK Account Executive Johnny Watermelen who explains the tradition of "smelting" to Jane and Kristin.

East Palestine Update with John Russel (Hour 2)

Independent journalist, John Russel, returns with an update on East Palestine and an important sentiment on balancing anger amidst reporting on this disaster. Then we break down the master class Hasan Minhaj gave on The Daily Show on Tuesday.

Wisconsin Politics Catch Up with Joe Zepecki (Hour 1)

Democratic campaign strategist veteran, Joe Zepecki, is back on the show for the full hour. We talk Jim Troupis, Tennessee's crappy anti-LGBTQ bills, Wisconsin Supreme Court race, the budget, and even some book recommendations.

Play Dolls likes its 1999 (Hour 3)

The 82nd annual Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show will take over Wisconsin State Fair Park’s Expo Center March 9-12.  We are joined by Stephen Buzza, Event Director of the Milwaukee Sport Show, to talk about all the things you can expect from this year’s expo.  Then we discuss the's new words. And how the new American Girl Dolls are really showing Kristin's age.

Maryland took steps to address lead poisoning; Wisconsin's isn't allowed to (Hour 2)

We are joined by reporter, Talis Shelbourne, to talk about her investigative report into how two states handle laws on lead: Maryland and Wisconsin.

CJ Szafir, President of Institute for Reforming Government, returns to the show to pick up where we left off last time he was on the show to give a conservative perspective on Governor Evers budget address.   This time, we specifically talk about education.  

Cue Lizzo: It's About Damn Time (to lower insulin prices) (Hour 1)

Eli Lilly caps costs of insulin at $35 per month, and all we can say is, "it's about damn time". Then Jane and Kristin go over other Wisconsin headlines, including Gableman's growing price tag and Protesiewitz potential recusal. And we're willing to bet the Irish Catholics in Milwaukee are grateful for a "cool" archbishop who "gets it".

Adam Pawlak's Squashed his Grudge (Hour 3)

We are joined by the creators of World Premiere Wisconsin to discuss the first ever state wide four month theater festival that started today! Then we discuss different hiccup remedies. And then, Milwaukee's own celebrity chef, Adam Pawlak joins to talk about his most recent national television appearance on "Superchef Grudge Match."

Is it ethical to have two full time remote jobs? (Hour 2)

The first half hour we talk about the impact good journalism can have, specifically in the case of the New York Times piece on migrant child labor and how quickly the Biden admin jumped into action. Then we have a discussion about work trends. More and more people are opting for part time work while some people are juggling two full time remote jobs.

Student Loans and SCOTUS (Hour 1)

If you’re one of the 40 million people who celebrated last summer when you thought the last of your student loans were going to be forgiven, don’t hold your breath.  The Supreme Court doesn’t seem to be buying it. Greg Bach, student loan debt haver, weighs in on his thoughts about where this is going to go. Then we discuss headlines regarding Wisconsin biennial budget negotiations. And end with a reminder to donate to your local food bank since extra Food Share benefits ended yesterday.