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As Goes Wisconsin with Kristin Brey is a daily radio show and digital media initiative that believes there is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated way to talk about state and local politics while still celebrating all things Wisconsin. We create content that informs, entertains, and inspires civic engagement because it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Wisconsin moving forward. Broadcasts live on weekdays 11am-2pm across Wisconsin.

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OpeLander Sighting (Hour 1)


Governor Tony Evers is frustrated with Republican leaders who keep rejecting his budget proposals without offering an alternative plan. The $290 million for the Brewers is likely dead, can the GOP come up with a better option to replace it? Alex Jones thinks she deserves a half million dollar salary and the late night hosts have some thoughts on Tucker's leaked texts.

What "Very Special Episode" Impacted you the most? (Hour 3)

We reminisce over our favorite sitcoms and their "Very Special Episodes". And how often are you jealous of your friends and what should you do about it?

Not the happiest of International Women's Days (Hour 2)

It's International Women's Day, but it feels hard to celebrate after a year of blows to women's rights.

The War on Vaccines Expands (Hour 1)

We discuss the fact the Wisconsin Republicans will likely block new vaccine policies for students - not for COVID, but for chickenpox and meningitis. Then we talk about three of the embarrassing pieces written about Dan Kelly just this week alone.

The Increasing Popularity of Vasectomies (Hour 2)

What if we swapped some of the million acres we currently have in corn fields in Wisconsin for solar? We talk to Clean Wisconsin's Climate, Energy & Air Program Director, Chelsea Chandler, and its Science Program Director, Paul Mathewson, about their new, aptly named, report: “CORN ETHANOL VS. SOLAR LAND USE COMPARISON"

Then, Planned Parenthood Wisconsin CEO/President Tanya Atkinson and Urologist Dr. Meghan Schaefer join to answer your burning questions about vasectomies in case you or your loved one is vasectomy curious.

Muskego's School Board has bigger problems than pronouns (Hour 1)

Muskego-Norway Schools and Muskego Police are investigating claims that Muskego High School students organized a racist theme within their student section and drew racial slurs and images into the dust of the visiting team's locker room before a basketball game against Beloit Memorial High School. So maybe, banning books about Japanese Internment camps and debates over kids' preferred pronouns isn't the most pressing issue for the school district to address.

Then Todd Allbaugh of The Todd Allbaugh Show joins to argue why he think Judge Janet only debating Dan Kelly once is actually a smart move.

Bare Minimum Mondays(Hour 3)

Bare minimum Mondays might not work for everyone and every work environment, but we discuss some ways that can make Mondays a little less scary. Best advice I've heard all week: "If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course.⁣" We close out the show with more etiquette debates and that Jane hates party games.

Obstacles to Voting for Citizens Living Abroad (Hour 2)

We talk to Liz Blackbourn and Annie Graul from Dems Abroad about what the organization does, the insane obstacles to voting when you are living or studying abroad, and what we can do at home to help.

Then Scott Girard and Jessie Opoien join to give a crash course on the state of Wisconsin Education funding and where we might end up after this year's budget negotiations.

Would your state's politics ever make you move? (Hour 1)

We start with discussion about the proposed Florida laws will push the state hard to the right, about what could have been in Wisconsin had we not elected Gov Tony Evers and even what was under Walker. Ahead of a new legislative session tomorrow, Florida GOP lawmakers have unveiled a suite of bills that are delighting conservatives and worrying progressives, free speech groups, and civil rights leaders. Which made us ask, is there any sort of line in the sand where people will move based on their state's politics?

Then we break down Jon Stewart's Master Class in talking to a gun rights advocate.

And, turns out, Gruyere will not get the same special treatment as Champagne.