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As Goes Wisconsin with Kristin Brey is a daily radio show and digital media initiative that believes there is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated way to talk about state and local politics while still celebrating all things Wisconsin. We create content that informs, entertains, and inspires civic engagement because it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Wisconsin moving forward. Broadcasts live on weekdays 11am-2pm across Wisconsin.

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Dan Shafer Guest Hosts and Dr. Kristin Lyerly stops by (Hour 1)

Dan Shafer of The Recombobulatioan Area guest hosts.

Dr. Kristin Lyerly joined the show to talk about the race for mayor in Green Bay between incumbent Eric Genrich (backed by Democrats) and challenger Chad Weininger (backed by Republicans). She also discussed life as an OB/GYN in post-Roe Wisconsin, and previewed the “Rally for our Rights” event in Green Bay this weekend.

Then, Dan talked about some Wisconsin headlines, including the abortion rights proposals from Robin Vos and legislative Republicans that have no chance of passing.

Cassandra Berger aka Kwik Trip Girl (Hour 3)

Cassandra Berger joins us to tell us what's next with her partnership with Kwik Trip.

Then, with the return of the last season of Ted Lasso, we talk about other series that ended leaving us wanting more.

Human Rights Campaign Endorsements (Hour 2)

Wendy Strout joins to discuss Human Rights Campaign Endorsements for Wisconsin Supreme Court and Senate District 8 and what's at stake for the LGBTQ+ community in both elections.

Then we discuss what a modern "company town" could look like and whether or not that's what Elon Musk is building.

How should kids learn personal finance? (Hour 1)

On the heels of yesterday's conversation about Silicon Valley Bank and how little the average person understand the banking system, we start today's show with asking, "how did you learn about personal finance?"

Then we discuss the validity of Milwaukee and Madison suing Kai and Hyundai for their very steal-able cars.

And then we discuss what could be the FIB-iest FIB move ever.

Jane & Kristin's Oscar Takes (Hour 3)

We start with the classic debate: what should we do with Daylight Savings Time? Then we congratulate Marquette Men's Basketball on their 2nd seed in the NCAA Tournament. And we end with our reactions to last night's Oscars.

George Bailey's Lessons on Silicon Valley Bank(Hour 2)

Eileen Newcomer, The League Of Women Voters' Voter Education Manager, joins to talk about how the League is changing strategies now that fewer and fewer Republicans will attend their forums.

20 year Wall Street veteran, Ben Brey, joins to explain what happened with Silicon Valley Bank and how it could affect the average consumer.

The Only Thing Kristin and Lauren Boebert have in Common (Hour 1)

We kick off this Monday with three strong contenders for ticked off tee off:

  • Texas Man Sues 3 Women Who Allegedly Helped His Ex-Wife Get Abortion Pills
  • Lauren Boebert, 36, Is Going to Be a Grandmother and also wants to ban comprehensive sex ed in public schools
  • Tennessee lieutenant governor, 79, comments on young gay man's racy Instagram photos

Then we end the hour talking about drunk mice and a hormone that could speed up recovery from alcohol poisoning.

We talk to Kate Fagan on her awesome new book "Hoop Muses: An Insider’s Guide to Pop Culture and the (Women’s) Game "(Hour 3)

We talk to Kate Fagan on her awesome new book "Hoop Muses: An Insider’s Guide to Pop Culture and the (Women’s) Game" which you should run not walk to buy for all your friends who love basketball, regardless of their gender. And, as a reminder: As many prepare for Selection Sunday and the beginning of March Madness, quick reminder that there is both a men's and women's tournament.

Then Chris Drosner joins for our monthly Wisconsin Beer chat.