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As Goes Wisconsin with Kristin Brey is a daily radio show and digital media initiative that believes there is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated way to talk about state and local politics while still celebrating all things Wisconsin. We create content that informs, entertains, and inspires civic engagement because it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Wisconsin moving forward. Broadcasts live on weekdays 11am-2pm across Wisconsin.

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One Week Till April 4th(Hour 2)

Dan Shafer joins to talk about his most recent piece on The Recombobulation Area talking about how gerrymandered Wisconsin is and how we have a chance to do something about it next week on April 4th.

Then we talk to Oshkosh Mayoral candidate Aaron Wosckowski on his candidacy and how we can get more GenZ folks to run for office.

Another Mass Shooting (Hour 1)

Aren't you tired of feeling like we are being held hostage by our feckless politicians when it comes to any progress on curbing gun violence? We sure are. We spend this hour talking through our feelings along with listeners feelings about yet another school shooting.


Midwest Gaming Classic (Hour 3)

Hypeman Andy Nelson tells us why the Midwest Gaming Classic, happening this weekend in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center, is the coolest annual event in Milwaukee.

Then we try to think of a Disney movie that doesn't come from super dark origin material.

LuAnn Bird teaches us about ADA compliance (Hour 2)

We talk to Tammy Makhlouf, LPC, the manager of the Craig Yabuki Mental Health Walk-In Clinic, about the clinic's first year and the success they have seen helping nearly 1000 children with their mental health.

Then LuAnn Bird joins to talk about her fight to get the Hales Corners Public Library to be ADA compliant and tells us about her new podcast Bird on a Wire.

Things are getting ugly with one week left (Hour 1)

Will this op-ed written by Judge Ellen Brostrom (and daughter of Wisconsin Supremme Court Justice Pat Roggensack) make a difference to any voters with just 8 days left till the election?

Then we talk about

And, Waukesha! Congrats on going viral. It may not be for something you wanted to go viral for though.


Where have all the kid movies gone? (Hour 3)

Matt Mueller, culture editor for OnMilwaukee, joins for his monthly appearance to talk about what's going on in pop culture and entertainment.

Then we discuss the pros and cons of banning "lap babies" on airplanes.

Get on the eSports train (Hour 2)

Brandon Tschacher, founder at MKEsports Alliance, joins to tell us everything we don't know about the rise and popularity of eSports.

Then we discuss all the different debates going on over social media right now: from the TikTok CEO testifying at Congress to Utah being the first state to require parents to consent to their kids social media use.

Is the Bible porn? (Hour 1)

A Utah parent is arguing that the should be considered indecent under Utah’s new book banning law, after seeing the other titles that have been pulled under Utah's new Sensitive Material in Schools Act. SO, under these new definitions of "indecent material", does the Bible qualify?

Then we are joined by Milwaukee Mayor Calavier Johnson to talk about his experience pitching Milwaukee as the next tech hub at South by Southwest.

Sitcom Pitch Competition to David Mandel (Hour 3)

Writer, director and producer, David Mandel, joins to talk about his career, his investment in Wisconsin politics and his honest reactions to our ideas for some new Wisconsin tv shows.