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Fake Electors And The Realm Of Zero Consequences (Hour 1)

Fake Electors And The Realm Of Zero Consequences (Hour 1)

December 12, 2023 11:00 AM CDT

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Welcome to Wednesday and welcome to As Goes Wisconsin: Hump Day Edition! We have a very fun show for you today as we have Dan Shafer, the Founder of The Recombobulation Area joining us for the entire show!!

The show kicks off with the ten fake electors in Wisconsin who have admitted to helping overthrow the 2020 Presidential Campaign and will face absolutely no jailtime, fines or expulsion from professional politics overall! This includes a member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission who will not be stepping down, even after the State Attorney General called for such an action.

Dan shares the best stories from The Recombobulation area for 2023 and though nobody wants to, we will discuss last night's Packers loss and what this means for the Green and Gold this season.