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“The suckage years”

“The suckage years”

October 24, 2022 11:00 AM CDT

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Guests: Josh Kaul, Paul Noonan, Trevor Sumner

Getting to know Josh Kaul. Sun Badger Solar. Packers Pundit playback.

(21:23) - Getting to know Josh Kaul

(45:25) - Sun Badger Solar

  • President and co founder of Sun Badger Solar, Trevor Sumner shares all thing solar power and clean energy.
  • You can find Sun Badger Solar on Facebook and Instagram.

(1:05:45) - Packers Pundit Playback

  • Writer for The Shepherd Express and Acme Packing company, Paul Noonan recaps yet another devastating Packers game.
  • You can connect with Paul on Twitter.


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