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“If you died, would you become a diamond?”

“If you died, would you become a diamond?”

September 14, 2022 11:00 AM CDT

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Guests: Ben Brey, Greg Bach, Lee Snodgrass, Tammy Baldwin

Our favorite co-host Greg Bach is back! Getting to know Representative Lee Snodgrass. Ben Brey helps us understand what's happening in the stock market these days. Tammy Baldwin's new bills. Wisconsinites are returning to the workforce. Wisconsin residents are un-retiring. Low-stress jobs are on the rise.

Representative Lee Snodgrass has finished her first term and is ready for more (0:20:58 - 0:44:28)

  • Representative to Wisconsin's 57th Assembly District, Lee Snodgrass talks about why she's running for re-election and the challenges of being a legislator.

Ben Brey explains the market (0:44:40 - 0:57:02)

Senator Tammy Baldwin talks about her new bills (1:05:16 - 1:20:13)

  • Senator Tammy Baldwin believes all Wisconsinites should be able to watch Packer games without hassle per her Go Pack Go act.
  • In support of same-sex and interracial marriage, Senator Baldwin pushes for her Respect for Marriage bill to be passed.
  • Senator Baldwin pushes for legislation to increase access to Opioid overdose reversal drug, through the Naloxone Education and Access Act.

Why so many Wisconsinites have chosen to 'un-retire' (1:30:43 - 1:41:23)

Many are switching careers to work in more low-stress jobs. (1:50:10 - 2:04:18)

  • The new era of treating a job, as simply just a job, has been on the rise and many people are no longer working outside of their job description.

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