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Civic Media Launches New Mid-day Network Lineup

February 27, 2024 7:00 AM CDT

Waukesha, Wis. – Civic Media is thrilled to announce the launch of the statewide radio network’s new mid-day lineup:

The three shows will be the mid-day broadcast lineup across 12 Civic Media news/talk stations, effective Monday February 26th, 2024. It brings together a group of broadcast veterans and proven communicators to inform, entertain and engage audiences across the state of Wisconsin.

“Wisconsinites will play a crucial role this year in determining who represents the state in Madison and in the nation’s capital,” says Program Director Kathryn Lake. “The experience Jane Matenaer, Todd Allbaugh and Maggie Daun bring to the mid-day microphones will provide listeners across the state compelling stories and important updates about what is happening in their communities and throughout Wisconsin.”

Jane Matenaer‘s distinctive voice has been part of southeastern Wisconsin’s radio landscape for decades. After graduating from the Brown School of Broadcasting in 1981, Matenaer spent 3 years at a start-up rock station in New Ulm, MN before moving back to her home state where she’s happily remained ever since.  With nearly forty years of broadcast experience in Wisconsin, Matenaer joined Civic Media in 2022 and now hosts “Matenaer On Air” with comedian Greg Bach across the network. Bach is a Waukesha county native and co-founder of The Laughing Tap in Milwaukee, who joined Civic Media in 2023 as a producer and will co-host the program.

“I’m so proud to be a part of Civic Media and our mission of keeping hometown radio alive. It is a joy to be able to break down the news of the day, along with finding the lighter side of issues Wisconsinites care about,” Matenaer says. “From childcare to clean water to animal rescue organizations and many more, it continues to be the honor of my life to be welcomed into people’s lives each and every day.”

Todd Allbaugh has been pursuing truth wherever it may lead his entire life… and having fun doing it. And he brings that experience to his show everyday. Todd brings a unique perspective, from having grown up in Southwest Wisconsin—the grandson of dairy farmers—to living in Madison. He spent over 25 years involved in politics at both the state and federal levels while being a small business owner. He left the GOP when he felt its values didn’t align with his anymore in 2011. Through his show, Todd gives listeners an unvarnished, inside perspective on current events that no one else can provide–along with some laughs. Todd joined Civic Media in 2022 after working 17 years with WRCO in Richland Center. The Todd Allbaugh Show is produced by Aaron Zommers, a native of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, who adds a fresh Gen-Z perspective to the conversation .

“It’s an amazing privilege to work for a statewide network and have conversations with our listeners,” Allbaugh said. “As we take our show across Wisconsin, I’m reminded there’s more that unites than divides us, and I’m excited to tell those stories.”

Margaret Daun is an accomplished attorney and economist who has worked in both the public and private sector. Her professional accomplishments include being a staffer to then-Congressman Tom Barrett, a prestigious federal appeals court clerkship at the Seventh Circuit, and being a securities litigator at one of the world’s top Wall Street law firms—working on high profile cases such as the Enron fraud. She most recently served as the Corporation Counsel for Milwaukee County, where she led the team that successfully sued opioid manufacturers and their distributors on behalf of Milwaukee County, winning the largest litigation recovery by a local government in Wisconsin’s history on behalf of taxpayers. Maggie has been hosting the Maggie Daun Show on weeknights at 6:00 pm. The show is now expanded to two hours and will move to the mid-day. This will allow Maggie to share her views on daily news that affects communities across Wisconsin, economic trends, the law—and everything in between—during a crucial time for listeners throughout the Civic Media network.

“I am beyond thrilled to start in my new mid-day time slot,” Daun stated. “This is a crucial time for politics in our state, and I am excited to continue sharing my knowledge, having conversations with our listeners about holding our government accountable at all levels, and pushing for the efficiency and effectiveness needed so that it helps all of the communities it is meant to serve.”

This new mid-day lineup can be heard statewide, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the following Civic Media Network news/talk stations:

  1. WAUK, The ‘Sha, Waukesha, 101.1 FM / 540 AM
  2. WMDX, Mad Radio, 92.7 FM / 1580 AM (*)
  3. WRCE, News from the Center, Richland Center, 107.7 FM / 1450 AM
  4. WLCX, The Eagle, La Crosse, 1490 AM
  5. WFHR, Locally Grown Radio, Wisconsin Rapids, 97.5 FM / 1320 AM (*)
  6. WXCO, Bull Falls Radio, Wausau, 98.9 FM / 1230 AM
  7. WISS, Oshkosh Air Support, Oshkosh, 98.3 FM / 1100 AM
  8. WGBW, Green Bay, 97.9 FM / 1590 AM
  9. W228EP, The Tap, Eau Claire, 93.5 FM
  10. WLAK, Lake Air, Amery, 107.5 FM / 1260 AM
  11. WBZH, Buzz of the North, Hayward, 910 AM
  12. WRJN, Racine, 99.9 FM / 98.1 FM / 1400 AM

(* The Maggie Daun Show plays from 2 – 3 p.m. on these stations due to local programming.)

If you are outside the broadcast area, you can tune in via the Civic Media App, or hear any Civic Media programs any time as podcasts on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

CIVIC MEDIA is a network of 20 radio stations across Wisconsin in 12 distinct news/talk media markets, including Waukesha.


Civic Media is dedicated to providing quality broadcast and digital hometown radio focusing on local, regional, and state issues, covering the stories that are most relevant to the markets we serve. We believe radio plays a crucial role in the practice of democracy in our local communities, so we aim to provide programming that advances the understanding and engagement of its principles within our audience.


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