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Oldest UWM Honors College Graduate

Oldest UWM Honors College Graduate

Source: UWM Photo/Sarah Vickery

May 17, 2024 1:12 PM CDT

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A former Richland Center resident has found herself in a prestigious minority. JoAnne Potter, 72 of Milwaukee, is graduating with a bachelor’s degree at UW-Milwaukee. After living in Richland Center for more than 20 years, JoAnne moved back to Milwaukee in 2020. After getting settled, in 2022 she decided to go back to college to finish her degree. Not only is she graduating, she is graduating as the oldest student to ever graduate from the Honors College.

Not knowing the prerequisite for the Honors College, JoAnne found herself interested in what it had to offer.

Meeting with the counselor, she learned how important your first semester of college can be, even if it is 55 years later.

Potter said going back to school wasn’t as different as she thought it would be.

Students graduating with Potter started their college education during the COVID 19 Pandemic. She feels that made a difference in the way students approached their education.

Her status as a senior graduate went viral, which she says kind of surprised her. But she doesn’t want the focus to be on her.

JoAnne Potter will receive a degree in Philosphy following a two week study abroad in London. Following the class in London, she will treat herself to a trip home by sailing back on the Queen Mary.

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