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UW Green Bay women’s basketball coach to retire

The university will name a street after Kevin Borseth.

UW Green Bay women’s basketball coach to retire

Source: Logo courtesy UW Green Bay

April 10, 2024 11:25 AM CDT
By: Lisa M. Hale

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GREEN BAY, WI – (WGBW) – UW Green Bay women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth announced he will retire after a 42-year career. He will leave the university on June 30th.

“I’m going to be 70 in June. So you have to look at age,” said Borseth. “The second piece was in the last couple of years it has been really difficult to recruit. Players know that I am going to be retiring, and as a result, I couldn’t capture.”

Borseth said that more than the wins, the players have been the highlight of his career. 

“I’ve grown a lot as a coach, over the course of these years,” said Borseth. “I’ve learned far more from the players than I think I ever taught them.”

Effects to the University

UW Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander said the region has felt the effect of Coach Borseth’s dedication and that he has inspired a generation of young women athletes.

“If you think about the number of kids – women– in Green Bay that play, as kids, women’s basketball,” said Alexander. “I think you can directly point to the fact that we have had someone like Coach Borseth in Northeast Wisconsin for this amount of time. How many people have been inspired by what he has done.”

Alexander cited Borseth’s passion for the game of basketball, the university, the athletes, and the area as inspiration for the university. He used the press conference announcing Borseth’s retirement as a time to announce the changing of a street name on campus.

“Forevermore, when someone parks behind us in the Kress Center, they are going to make a turn onto ‘Kevin Borseth Way,’” said Alexander. “Everybody who comes into this facility as long as it is here and beyond is going to know the excellence that Coach Borseth brought to this university for over 20 years.”

Borseth’s overall coaching record is 821 wins over 316 losses. He has racked up 509 wins in Green Bay. He has never had a losing season with the UWGB Phoenix Women’s Basketball. 

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