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First micro-hospital opens in Bellevue

First micro-hospital opens in Bellevue

Source: Canva

April 4, 2024 11:16 AM CDT
By: Lisa M. Hale

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GREEN BAY, WI – (WGBW) – The area’s first micro-hospital opened to the public Monday in Bellevue. Green Bay ER & Hospital run by Nutex Health, Inc. is a 21 thousand square foot building with six inpatient beds, an emergency department, including eight ER beds and one trauma bay, imaging, and lab services. It does not include an operating room. 

Because of reduced patient levels and the specialized care, Dr. Amanda Nylund, the chief operating officer, hopes there won’t be wait times. And doctors will have more time to treat patients, including follow-up care.

“The most important thing for us, and what brought us to participate in this model of emergency medicine, is just the attention to detail, and attention to the patient, and being at the bedside,” said Nylund. “Shaving back all of the things that are added on in a big facility. Getting back to the basics of spending time with a patient, trying to address their needs, making them feel seen and heard and validated. And getting away from this kind of assembly line medicine.”  

Micro-Hospital to provide basic care 24/7

The hospital will feature inpatient and outpatient suites, including pediatric rooms and isolation rooms. Patients can also get MRI and CT scans at the facility. 

Nylund says a micro-hospital is meant to provide 24/7 emergency care and to help patients who need basic care such as hydration, stitches, or other illnesses that don’t require surgery. She says that the size of the ER and Hospital will make it easier for doctors and nurses to spend the time needed with each patient.

“What we offer by being a small facility and by having a low volume of patients is more time and attention to our patients,” said Nylund. “That’s really what we are trying to deliver.”

“The whole model that we are trying to achieve is to be able to spend time with the patients at their bedside, to be able to explain their test results, to be able to explain their diagnoses, and to keep the wait time quite low,” said Nylund. 

There are some things Green Bay ER and Hospital cannot do. They do not have an operating room, an intensive care unit, labor and delivery, or a cardiac catheter lab.

Micro-Hospital is run by emergency room doctors

Green Bay ER & Hospital is owned and run by emergency room physicians. Eight ER physicians staff the facility.

“We are here to add an option to the community to help patients choose what environment they want to get their emergency care in,” said Nylund. “If they are looking for less wait time and a smaller facility, then, for sure, we think that will be an asset to the community to have that option.”

Micro-Hospital accepts most private health insurance; does not accept Medicare

The micro-hospital will accept most private health insurance plans, while Medicare and Medicaid will not be accepted. A list of out-of-pocket pricing will be available on the facility’s website.

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