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Eau Claire Health Department Offering Well Testing Discounts

Eau Claire Health Department Offering Well Testing Discounts

March 28, 2024 9:34 AM CDT
By: James Kelly

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Eau Claire homeowners may be able to get a discount on testing their private wells through the City-County Health Department.

According to a press release from the Eau Claire City-County Health Department, homeowners with private wells may be able to get a discount on tests for nitrate, bacteria and more. Interested residents can pick up a water sample kit at the department and if returned between April 1 and April 11, they could receive a discount on testing bundles.

Bacteria and nitrate testing can be bundled for $34, a steep discount from its original $50. Tests for bacteria, nitrate, and metals like lead, copper, and iron can be bundled for $80, a discount from its original $120.

The health department is also reminding Eau Claire residents that if they live in a household with a private well and a pregnant woman or a child under one year old, they can get a specific panel of testing for free.

Water pollution can cause a variety of health problems, particularly for pregnant women, infants and young children. Health studies have shown high levels of lead in the water supply can cause damage to the brain and kidneys. High levels of nitrate can reduce the body’s ability to carry oxygen in the blood stream.

Those health studies have lead government officials from across the country to explore ways to replace lead service pipes, a costly but essential health project. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has also made cleaning up PFAS contamination across the state a top priority.