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Wisconsin Rapids School District Superintendent Resignation Effective June 30, 2024

The Superintendent resignation was accepted by the WRPS Board of Education from Craig Broeren on February 27th.

Wisconsin Rapids School District Superintendent Resignation Effective June 30, 2024

February 28, 2024 1:23 PM CDT
By: Melissa Kaye

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Wisconsin Rapids, Wis (WFHR, WIRI)

The Superintendent resignation letter submitted by Craig Broeren came as a surprise to many after his seven years with the district. Craig said he and his wife will soon be “empty nesters” with their last child graduating from Lincoln High School this year. They’ve always planned to head back west after their children completed their K-12 careers. Craig has accepted a position as Superintendent of the St. Croix Falls School District and will assume his duties there on July 1, 2024. The WRPS Board accepted Craig Broeren’s resignation on February 27th, 2024. His last day with the district will be July 30th.

Why such a long resignation letter?

Craig shared his lengthy resignation letter with many to dispel rumors that may pop up related to his career move. He stated in the letter, “WRPS is an outstanding District by nearly all accounts and all measures.” Further along in the letter, he wrote, “The caliber of the students and staff along with the variety and rigor of programming offered here is truly what sets this District apart.” 
He said there are many groups and individuals who make it their primary goal to legitimately advocate for Wisconsin Rapids and the surrounding area.

Nobody’s perfect

Broeren expressed some concerns about the small number of people in the community who choose to perpetuate negativity. Craig chose to write such a lengthy Superintendent resignation letter in hopes of highlighting the fact that these individuals only attempt to create more issues by heightening concerns over nonexistent problems. He fully admitted there’s no community or organization that’s perfect and all can work to improve. However, fabricated narratives for the purpose of “fanning the flames” of outrage are counterproductive.

Some negative commentators don’t represent all

Craig was very clear that his resignation is not related to these negative voices or any disappointment with the District or community. Heading back west was always part of Craig and his wife’s future plans. He stated, “I am however, concerned that these negative voices may continue to grow and become more empowered; therefore, I am using my resignation as an appeal to the overwhelming majority of the community who are positive, supportive, and legitimately want this District and our community to be the absolute best it can be.” Craig ended his Superintendent Resignation letter with a sincere thank you to the dedicated Board of Education, outstanding staff, incredible students, and collaborative community partners. You can read the entire letter below:

The WRPS District said in their press release that they will be posting the Superintendent vacancy soon. They extend their deep appreciation to Mr. Broeren for his outstanding leadership of the District. The Board will offer opportunities for local stakeholders to provide input and feedback as they search for a new Superintendent. They want to hear from the community about the qualities and characteristics people feel are important as the Board considers applicants for the position. You will be able to find updates and information about the search process on the District website at and also on their social media channels.

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