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Wisconsin Rapids Candidates Running for Mayor

Two of the four Wisconsin Rapids candidates running for mayor attended the Mayoral Forum, three spoke with James Malouf on WFHR.

Wisconsin Rapids Candidates Running for Mayor

February 8, 2024 4:32 PM CDT
By: Melissa Kaye

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Wisconsin Rapids, Wis (WFHR, WIRI)

Tom Terry Mews and Matt Zacher were in attendance in the Council Chambers for the mayoral forum moderated by the League of Women Voters. The other two candidates running for mayor, Preston Seitz and Nicholas Palmquist, did not attend the mayoral forum. Nicholas Palmquist, in addition to Mews and Zacher, spoke with James Malouf during Mid-Day Magazine on WFHR. Both the League of Women Voters and WFHR reached out to all candidates running for mayor with an offer of equal time at these events.

Background of the Candidates Running for Mayor

During the mayoral forum on February 6th, Tom Mews and Matt Zacher shared their background and job history. Both were born in Wisconsin and have served in the military.

Matt Zacher

After serving in the military, Matt Zacher attended UW-Milwaukee and obtained a masters degree in social work/juvenile corrections. He moved to Wisconsin Rapids in 2005 with his wife, Jenny. They have four children. Zacher is the CEO of Express Recycling Solutions in Rapids. He’s the Alderman for the 3rd district and has served on the Public Works committee and is now chair of the Finance and Property Committee.

Matt Zacher – Intro
Tom Mews

Following his service in the military, Tom Mews became an Asset Protection Officer for Ho-Chunk Gaming. He’s also worked as a mechanic and has usually held down several jobs at the same time. Mews worked as a Department Head at the old Walmart for many years and has managed other local businesses. He has a degree in Business Management from Central Texas Tech. Mews and his girlfriend have three children.

Tom Mews – Intro
Nicholas Palmquist

Nicholas Palmquist shared his background with James Malouf over the phone during Mid-Day Magazine on February 6th. He was born and raised in Wisconsin Rapids in a family that owned small businesses. Palmquist titles himself as a normal guy, married with no children, and a journeyman electrician. He was unable to attend the mayoral forum as he was out of town for work.

Nicholas Palmquist – Intro

Qualifications for Mayor

When asked what qualifies them to hold the position of mayor, they had the following responses:

Nicholas Palmquist said he’s a foreman at a local electrical company and has experience leading people. He’s also willing to adapt and try new things.

Palmquist – Qualifications

Tom Mews said he has a business background from his schooling and from being a former small business owner in the area.

Mews – Qualifications

Matt Zacher said his experience as Chair of the Finance and Property Committee has given him experience in managing the City’s budget. He also stated his 18 years of experience running his own business has given him experience balancing budgets and working with employees and people in the city.

Zacher – Qualifications

You can find the full video of the mayoral forum that took place on February 6th on the Wisconsin Rapids Community Media YouTube page.

Or at this link:

Listen to three of the Wisconsin Rapids candidates running for mayor on Mid-Day Magazine with James Malouf on February 6th and February 8th.