Scot Ross

The Karen Bradley

November 21, 2023

Guest: Scot Ross

It’s a great day on the Devil’s Advocates, as the boys break down today’s oral argument for the case to toss the state’s gerrymandered maps. Plus, Scot Ross joins the show to break down Republican rhetoric.

We’re Dealing with a Powerful Group of People

October 31, 2023

Guest: Scot Ross

Scot Ross joins the Devil’s to try and find out who the shadowy group of powerful people are trying to suppress Ron Johnson, and try to find out more about Speaker Mike Johnson.

Staying on Offense to Defend Democracy (Hour 2)

September 18, 2023

We’ll visit with Scot Ross about the need for progressives to rise to the challenge of calling out misinformation and insisting on better coverage that doesn’t let assaults on democracy sound like “business as usual.” 

Weekly Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow for Jul 8

July 8, 2023

During this short week, Pat catches us up on the new state budget signed by Governor Tony Evers with the help of Scot Ross. Afterward, Todd Allbaugh and Dr. Kristin Lyerly throw Pat a surprise birthday party with the help of his wife, Sharry!

From Cradle to College: Conservative Non-Support (Hour 2)

July 6, 2023

From cradle to college, there are Wisconsin politicians eager to make life a bit worse. Scot Ross will take us through the fight to tame student loan debt and the recent setback by conservatives on the US Supreme Court. And postpartum doula Kristin Quinn reviews the benefits of extending women’s post-pregnancy health care through Medicaid […]

Evers’ Legacy: Four Centuries of Support! (Hour 1)

July 6, 2023

Guest: Scot Ross

Give it up for Gov. Tony Evers’ creative use of the partial-veto in making sure Wisconsin’s public schools receive a certain level of support for the next 402 years. Also: Scot Ross has some serious things to say in our second hour about student loan debt—but he joins us at the end of our first […]

First and Third with Nobody Out (Hour 2)

April 11, 2023

A review of last week’s election results shows why Democrats should be getting active right now in the 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts. Scot Ross, who for years led the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, gives his assessment of how competitive these districts have become—and why it’s important for the party to be out and […]

Four days till election (Hour 2)

March 31, 2023

Democratic Analyst Scot Ross and Republican Strategist Bill McCoshen join for a conversation about how each side of the aisle is feeling going into the weekend before Tuesday’s election. Alan Borsuk returns to discuss the “reading wars” happening in Wisconsin and across the nation.

In remembrance of the cheesiest (Hour 1)

March 29, 2023

Hump Day-Opening Day Eve! Democracy is DEAD in Wisconsin. Dan Kaufman, discusses his latest at The New Yorker @ 4:30. Scot Ross, aggressive Tweeter, at 5:30.

Weekly Best of Devil’s Advocates for 2022-12-17

December 17, 2022

Only the best! Featuring Scot Ross and Legal-Eagle Maggie Daun.