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Ryan Mason

2023-03-30 As Goes Wisconsin (Hour 3)

March 30, 2023

Guest: Ryan Mason

Comedian Ryan Murphy joins to talk about his new special about men’s mental health and gives us the top ten tips for Wisconsinites to take care of their mental health. Go see him April 6th at Dandy.

<strong>“Ron Johnson” and his relentless focus on COVID vaccine injuries</strong> (Hour 3)

February 16, 2023

Guest: Ryan Mason

Comedian Ryan Mason returns to reprise his Ron Johnson impression in light of the senior Senators “relentless focus on COVID vaccine injuries”. Then we spend most of the hour updating you on the terrible weather conditions and reminding you to STAY HOME. T R

Interview: Political Ads Roast

November 8, 2022

Comedians Mark Vegas, Greg Bach, Ryan Mason, Raegan Niemela, and Luise Noe join for a political ads roast for election day.

It’s Election Day!

November 8, 2022

Political ad roast. Steve Palec joins. Connect MKE. Political ads roast Steve Palec joins Connect MKE —————————————————————– Music from today’s show can be found on As Goes Wisconsin’s Spotify playlist. We love hearing from you! Got a topic you think we should cover? Have an idea for a guest we should have on? Want to leave […]

Interview: Ryan Mason

October 19, 2022

Guest: Ryan Mason

Comedian Ryan Mason joins as Ron Johnson and Tony Evers and answers the questions we all wish they would’ve answered in last week’s debate.

“Poll working’s attractive”

October 19, 2022

Weekly co-host Greg Bach is back! Field Report. “Ron Johnson” and “Tony Evers” join. (5:00) – Voting in Wisconsin Today is the last day to register to vote online. You can find all election information at Check out the “Polling is attractive” video. (45:30) – Field Report Chris Porterfield from Field Report and retired […]

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