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Kate Duffy

The Good Land Cooking Challenge (Hour 2)

May 16, 2024

We recap the latest episode of Top Chef-Wisconsin, which gets into the overlooked but increasingly revered culture of Indigenous cuisine. And Rep. Lee Snodgrass of the Fox Valley is featured in this week’s Women Win Wisconsin, powered by Motherhood for Good. UpNorthNews with Pat Kreitlow airs on several stations across the Civic Media radio network, […]

When Women Get Involved, They Win (Hour 2)

May 9, 2024

Our Women Win Wisconsin segment includes some sage advice from Rep. Robyn Vining of Wauwatosa: It’s not what women are saying about politics that makes a difference, it’s what they’re doing. We’ll talk more about stepping outside your comfort level and taking up some civic engagement. Plus we’ll review last night’s Top Chef-Wisconsin. UpNorthNews with […]

Sausage Racing (Hour 2)

May 2, 2024

We’ll have our weekly Top Chef-Wisconsin recap with Luke Mathers as the chef-testants compete at American Family Field. And we highlight a northeast Wisconsin leader and candidate in our Women Win Wisconsin segment powered by Motherhood for Good. UpNorthNews with Pat Kreitlow airs on several stations across the Civic Media radio network, Monday through Friday […]

Off and Running (Hour 2)

April 11, 2024

We have multiple candidates making official announcements this morning that they’re running for seats in the Wisconsin Legislature. Our Women Win Wisconsin segment, now hosted by Motherhood for Good, welcomes Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski. And we’ll review last night’s episode of Top Chef with Luke Mathers.

Big Announcements (Hour 2)

April 4, 2024

We’re making some changes on the radio show—in large part because of some announcements being made today about people who want to step up and serve their neighbors in a new way. Plus, Luke Mathers guides us through the most recent episode of Top Chef: Wisconsin.

Moms Fighting for the Village (2nd Hour)

March 11, 2024

Our Motherhood for Good friends introduce us to Brittany Wohlfeil, a full-time nurse practitioner, bakery owner, and mom to two young kids. She’s also running for village president in her community. Plus Salina Heller previews stories she’s working on for UpNorthNews. And Civic Media news director Terry Bell has 3 Things You Need to Know […]

The ‘Daun’ of a New Era (2nd Hour)

February 26, 2024

Our friends from Motherhood for Good talk about local women taking on more leadership roles. Salina Heller tells us about the stories she’s producing for UpNorthNews. And we’ll talk to Civic Media’s Maggie Daun, whose new afternoon show premieres later today.

Gun Safety Is in Our Hands (2nd Hour)

February 5, 2024

While Congress and the Wisconsin Legislature are currently incapable of doing anything to save children from the national epidemic of gun violence, others are trying to do their part through home-based initiatives. We’ll learn more from our friends at Motherhood for Good. Also: Terry Bell with 3 Things You Need to Know to start the […]

2023 Special: Motherhood for Good

December 18, 2023

We had many “Motherhood Mondays” in 2023 with our friends from Motherhood for Good. Here are some highlights from their work to inform busy parents about current events and the need to be informed voters.

Indigenous and Invisible (Hour 2)

October 9, 2023

The Indigenous Peoples Day holiday is still relatively new to many Americans, so we’ll talk about the history of the holiday and the opportunities to learn more about our tribal communities, whose challenges and gifts are often invisible to the rest of the country.

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