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Violence has no place in the political process

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John Nichols

Civic Media Spotlight for May 11th & 12th (Hour 2)

May 11, 2024

Kicking off this hour, Matenaer On Air is joined by Dr. Karin Tamerius, a political psychiatrist, and the founder of Smart Politics which is a nonprofit that teaches progressives how to communicate more productively and persuasively with people who disagree with them, including conservatives. They talk about the work necessary to have those discussions and […]

Taxing The Rich… And Also Crute

March 12, 2024

Dom is back in Madison for today’s show! He and Crute bring us some updates on our favorite Wisconsinite, Robin Vos. It appears that the recall effort is dead, and we may be stuck with the popcorn king for a while longer. At the bottom of the hour, Dom and Crute talk with John Nichols […]

Nobody wants an executive who’s banned from Fox News

December 5, 2023

John Nichols from the Nation joins the Devil’s to clarify where he was on January 6 after Trump seems to accuse him of encouraging those on the ground at the insurrection.

The Curse of Flavor Fav

October 30, 2023

John Nichols with the Cap Times and The Nation joins the Devil’s to explain how new Speaker Mike Johnson tried to overturn the 2020 election in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Crute laments the past weekend in Wisconsin sports, and Dom tries to defend Flavor Flav’s singing voice.

Bernie can outsell a Badger game

September 19, 2023

CapTimes and The Nation journalist John Nichols joins the Devils to talk Bernie Sanders, the UAW strikes and the CapTimes Idea Fest.

Manic Magic (Hour 1)

May 15, 2023

It’s a magic Monday, and the WI GOP are gearing up for a sound defeat. John Nichols of ‘The Nation’ joins in the second half of this hour!

Screw – You – Taxpayers! (Hour 1)

March 1, 2023

Whopper of a Wednesday WI Supremes candidates argue recusal. Vos keeps the taxpayers meter running. John Nichols, The Nation/Cap Times 4:30.

A new generation (hour 1)

February 6, 2023

MAD Radio Monday! John Nichols joins from Iceland at 4:30. SOTU Eve! Then Biden comes to Madison… Which crimes should Trump be charged with. Dems against Socialism…

If I had a Nichols for every time I heard that (Hour 1)

January 23, 2023

The Women Marched on Madison-Sunday. Is Dobbs the greatest vote motivator in #WI Spring race? John Nichols, The Cap Times/The Nation, at 4:30. FBI official arrested for money laundering. Trump says they didn’t interview him, so he MUST be innocent.

You’re a Magic Mon(day) (Hour 1)

January 9, 2023

Magical Monday-GOP have chosen a speaker! John Nichols from the Nation, 4:30 CT. Dr. Dre hammers M-T-G, delete your Twitter. #Wanker desperately seeks relevance… Will Aaron Rodgers retire?

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