Hannah Beauchamp-Pope


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Barack Obama comes to Wisconsin!

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association. Ben Brey translates the market. Getting to know Hannah Beauchamp-Pope.

(50:10) - Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

(1:12:00) - Ben Brey translates the market

  • Wall Street vet Ben Brey translates the market and the deal between Elon Musk and twitter.

(1:54:35) - Getting to know Hannah Beauchamp-Pope

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Barack Obama is coming to Milwaukee October 29th!.


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Women Winning Wisconsin (Oct 4 - Hour 2)

Our “meet the candidates” interviews continue; this time with three women running in northeast Wisconsin: Jane Benson, Hannah Beauchamp-Pope, and State Rep. Kristina Shelton. Also: Right wing media goes fully racist in the way it grotesquely distorts remarks from Vice President Kamala Harris on hurricane relief and the climate crisis.