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Denise Callaway

Interview: Denise Callaway

November 8, 2022

Host and Producer of Connect MKE, Denise Callaway joins to tell us about the final episodes of Connect MKE.

It’s Election Day!

November 8, 2022

Political ad roast. Steve Palec joins. Connect MKE. Political ads roast Steve Palec joins Connect MKE —————————————————————– Music from today’s show can be found on As Goes Wisconsin’s Spotify playlist. We love hearing from you! Got a topic you think we should cover? Have an idea for a guest we should have on? Want to leave […]

About Friday’s Trump rally, Teslas, and race in MKE

August 8, 2022

A first-hand account of what went down at Friday’s Trump Rally in Waukesha, the truth about Teslas, and Denise Callaway joins to about about “Connect MKE: Conversations on Race.”

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