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Violence has no place in the political process

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Cat Hadley

Staring At the Precipice (Hour 2)

July 26, 2023

This hour, we take your calls on the information presented to us by Trygve Olson. It’s a very fiery topic.  Afterward, Cat Hadley of the Patriotic Millionaires returns to remind us of the continuing educational events in Richland Center. To wrap up this edition, Coffee With Alice makes a return in the last few minutes!

Patriotic Millionaires Director Cat Hadley with the Great Economy Project

July 26, 2023

Morning Show host Phil Nee discussed the Great Economy Project with Patriotic Millionaires Director Cat Hadley.

Rebuilding Our Economy For Everyone (Hour 1)

July 6, 2023

Guest: Cat Hadley

After a discussion on how to respond to emergencies, Cat Hadley of Patriotic Millionaires joins us to explain their mission and tell us about an upcoming event in Richland Center. Go to the Phoenix Center on Wednesday, July 12 at 5:30 PM to learn more about how our unfair economy affects your daily life. Do […]

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