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Alice Schneiderman

Alice from Max Ink Radio Talks AtwoodFest 2023 on the Todd Allbaugh Show

July 26, 2023

Coffee with Alice on the Todd Allbaugh Show. Today, Alice is talking AtwoodFest. Alice runs Mama Rökker’s Band Bistro backstage at AtwoodFest so she has all the insider info!

Staring At the Precipice (Hour 2)

July 26, 2023

This hour, we take your calls on the information presented to us by Trygve Olson. It’s a very fiery topic.  Afterward, Cat Hadley of the Patriotic Millionaires returns to remind us of the continuing educational events in Richland Center. To wrap up this edition, Coffee With Alice makes a return in the last few minutes!

The Road To the Championship (Hour 1)

April 14, 2023

After rounding up the day’s news, we call up Bradie Ewing once again to talk sports. We also get a surprise visit from Alice, who has already moved into the new State Street office!

More Coffee With Alice (Hour 3)

March 23, 2023

This hour, we take several calls on the topic of the State Supreme Court election. We then have our second edition of Coffee With Alice! She shares some of what it’s like to be Jewish in today’s world and how social media can amplify antisemitism.

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