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“UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow” is Wisconsin’s new home for daily conversations about the state’s latest headlines and stories. It’s a radio extension of what UpNorthNews founding editor Pat Kreitlow premiered in January 2020 as a website, social media posts, and a daily newsletter—a place for fact-based news coverage that is informative, conversational, and not afraid to stand for something. While dedicated to Wisconsin hometown radio, the daily UpNorthNews Radio program can also be heard live on multiple online platforms. Pat is a longtime Wisconsin journalist and former state legislator who lives in and produces the show from along Lake Wissota in Chippewa Falls.

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An Orwellian Plan for Abortion Misinformation (Hour 1)

Republicans have introduced a bill that, if passed, would create a federal anti-abortion website that provides misleading information about abortion, directs women to health “centers” that pressure them not to have abortions, and could even collect their personal information to share with anti-abortion groups. We’ll talk to Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil.

You Can Kill the COVID Emergency, but COVID Can Still Kill You (Hour 2)

President Biden is talking about winding down the federal government’s COVID-19 emergency programs. Republicans want an instant and chaotic cut. But what does it mean to lift emergency assistance to people when COVID is still killing hundreds every day? In our Hometown Health segment, Dr. Ben Weston talks about that as well as new FDA vaccination guidelines.


  • Keya Vakil, Carolyn Fiddler, Mark Jacob, Dan Schumacher

It’s February—Still No GOP Plans (Hour 1)

We’re well past New Year’s Day and yet 2023 is missing a few important elements—what specifically do Republicans in Congress want to cut as part of a debt ceiling deal, and what do Republicans in the Legislature want to cut as a way to pay for a flat tax plan that benefits the very-wealthy? If you’re going to make demands for cuts, shouldn’t you have a plan? We’ll talk to Democratic analyst Joe Zepecki about those stories plus the state Supreme Court race.

Someone’s Paying Attention to the Rural WI Electric Grid (Hour 2)

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $20 million to improve and expand the electric grid in rural Wisconsin. The work will be done by two electric cooperatives and make the infrastructure more reliable, affordable, and useful for homeowners, farmers, and businesses. We’ll talk to former state Sen. Julie Lassa, now the Wisconsin State Director for Rural Development at the USDA.


  • Hometown Health: Dr. Kristin Lyerly & Ben Weston
    • COVID-19: Where are we now? (New FDA vaccine recommendations)
    • You Can Kill the COVID Emergency, but COVID Can Still Kill You

LGBTQ Rights and the WI Supreme Court Election (Hour 1)

In the race for an opening on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, two of the candidates are favored by many progressives—while the two conservative candidates have questionable records on whether they believe LGBTQ individuals are deserving of the rights that should be equal to all Americans. A Green Bay attorney provides perspective as a trans woman and former candidate for judge. Rachel Maes has been put through smear campaigns ranging from whispers to the bellowing of right-wing radio.

Flat Tax May Be Going Flat (Hour 2)

Gov. Tony Evers said he’s willing to veto whatever state budget bill is sent to him by Republicans if they insist on including a so-called “flat tax” giveaway to the super-wealthy. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos indicated the tax provision isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s not clear where Republicans and Evers can find middle ground on what kind of tax cut will result from a record $7 billion surplus.


  • Rachel Maes on LGBTQ issues in the state Supreme Court race

Schlemiel, Schlimazel. So Long, Shirley (Hour 1)

A fictional mainstay of pop culture in Wisconsin has left us. Shirley Feeney was portrayed by actress Cindy Williams who has died at 75. Along with Penny Marshall, the duo took “Laverne & Shirley” to TV stardom in the mid-1970s, while working at the Shotz Brewery. We’ll remember how they gave Milwaukee years of prime time exposure with two simple words: Schlemiel, schlimazel!

The Premiere of Motherhood Mondays (Hour 2)

Kate Duffy and Nicole Slavin were among the founders of “Moms for Mandela,” a group dedicated to helping explain last year’s campaign issues to parents too busy to follow politics regularly. Now, after Wisconsin’s closest US Senate race, they have decided to continue finding ways to make important political matters more accessible to parents and others—renaming themselves “Motherhood for Good.” We’ll introduce their occasional Monday series of guests and timely topics.

How to Use “People Are Saying” as a Reason to Lie (Hour 1)

It is the heart of the business plan for right-wing media: Spread dirt about a political opponent with untrue or unsubstantiated claims—not by making the claims yourself, but by using the excuse that “people are saying” this. It’s the point of a lie being spread by Wisconsin’s newest member of Congress, Derrick Van Orden.