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Vos Wants to Violate Victims (Hour 1)

Vos Wants to Violate Victims (Hour 1)

November 22, 2022 7:00 AM CDT

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Guests: Rebecca Cooke

Rebecca Cooke, the once and maybe future candidate for Congress, describes what rural Wisconsin needs from its new congressional and legislative members—and whether we can expect to see any such progress. We also hear from Sachin Chheda, a senior advisor to a Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate, on how the billionaires who funded Ron Johnson’s reelection are looking to do the same for a right-wing former justice. Plus: an even higher state budget surplus, and an attempt to get on board with the World Cup.


  • How the Wisconsin Policy Forum, a nonpartisan research group, tracks state and local spending, as well as opportunities provided by the state budget being in such good shape heading into 2023.

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