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Under the Helmet with the Gravedigger brings Packers legend Gilbert Brown, the “Gravedigger,” back to the radio to join his long-time friend Earl Ingram every Monday from 8 to 9 a.m.

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Draft Prospects

Earl and Gilbert start the hour speculating on who the Packers should take in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft before getting into a discussion of what it takes to rebuild a team.

You Can't Say that About Yourself

Earl and Gilbert talk about Aaron Rodgers calling himself the greatest Packer of all time, his unceremonious exit from Green Bay, and the future of the team under Jordan Love.

The Importance of Leadership

Earl and the Gravedigger start the hour by talking about Aaron Rodgers and the team dynamics that allow the present situation surrounding him.

Then, Dr. George Kunz calls in to talk about the crucial role leadership plays on championship teams and reminisce on the storied life and career of Reggie White.

Holding the Team Up

Earl and Gilbert start the show by discussing Aaron Rodgers; if he's distracting the team, the parallels Rodger's situation has to then end of Favre's career in Green Bay, and the fan perception regarding his decision.

Then, they talk about the lack of black head coaches in the NFL; the cultural reasons why teams aren't hiring black head coaches and how the NFL evolves over time. They also get into the changes to health care for players and how the league treats them after they retire.

The Power of Sports

Gilbert and Earl have Brewer great, Larry Heisel, on the line to talk about how sports changed their lives and how they use their platforms to empower disadvantaged youth in our country.

Then, they Earl and the Gravedigger get into Aaron Rodger's darkness retreat and what it takes to put together a championship team.

The Greatest Show on TV

In this week's episode of Under the Helmet, Earl and Gilbert talk about what to watch now that the NFL season is over, the toughest players to ever play football, and the importance of family and community off the field.

The Super Bowl

0:00 - Earl has on Packer Legend Gilbert Brown to talk thoughts on the Super Bowl: breaking down what went awry for the Eagles and how this win impacts the legacy of the Chiefs.

20:50 - Gilbert invites on other Packer Legend Santana Dotson to guest host, with both reminiscing on their football careers and the growth they undergone as players.

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Introducing Under the Helmet with "The Gravedigger"

For today's first hour, Earl begins his new segment 'Under the Helmet' with Packer legend Gilbert Brown, AKA "The Gravedigger". The duo laugh, talk Packer football, and talk candidly about the negative and positive affects of football on young people and throughout their lives.

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