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Special Panel: What’s Next For Trump? (Hour 1)

Special Panel: What’s Next For Trump? (Hour 1)

June 4, 2024 1:00 PM CDT

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Guests: Elise Jordan, Matt Flynn, Reed Galen, Trygve Olson

BREAKING NEWS: This morning, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul filed class H felony charges against some of the perpetrators of our state’s false elector scheme. Our friend and legal expert Matt Flynn weighs in on this long-awaited development. 

Today on The Todd Allbaugh Show, we are honored to welcome a panel of distinguished guests in-studio! Our regular guest Trygve Olson, Senior Advisor to The Lincoln Project, returns to the show. Along with him are Elise Jordan of NBC and MSNBC and Reed Galen, Co-Founder of The Lincoln Project. The road to November’s presidential election is a rocky one, but our guests have their fingers on the pulse at a national level. Listen in to hear their thoughts on the fake elector news, Donald Trump’s felony convictions, and how Wisconsinites can advocate for themselves in this tense political season. 

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