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Numbers Are Boring, But Boring Wins (Hour 1)

Numbers Are Boring, But Boring Wins (Hour 1)

May 14, 2024 1:00 PM CDT

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This morning, Donald Trump’s request to lift his gag order was denied. As a result, he is using Speaker Mike Johnson as a pawn to do his bidding, attacking the judge’s daughter. 

Speaking of Trump, a new joint report from the New York Times and ProPublica further exposes Trump’s financial failures. He has moved around ownership of his failed casino to double-dip in claiming business losses, resulting in an absolutely massive tax return. No wonder he refused to release his taxes! Trump has allegedly stolen over $168 million from us, the American taxpayers. That's just what we know about.

After our Trump update, Todd changes gears to talk about the accomplishments of Joe Biden. Today, the White House announced that it has awarded nearly $454 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure law. We don’t hear enough about this landmark investment in America.

Also, what do orange Lifesavers have to do with a good baseball team? According to Brewers manager Pat Murphy, everything.

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