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Don’t Shame People. Convince Them. (Hour 1)

Don’t Shame People. Convince Them. (Hour 1)

March 13, 2024 1:00 PM CDT

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Happy Hump Day!

As we do every Wednesday, we welcome Pat Kreitlow of UpNorthNews Radio and Trygve Olson of The Lincoln Project to talk about the latest news. Will Aaron Rodgers or Jesse “The Body” Ventura be the Vice President? Will Steph Curry run for President? More and more celebrities are playing politics. 

Robert Hur demonstrated his complete ethical bankruptcy in his hearing yesterday. His report on President Biden directly contradicts the transcript of his interview. Most astoundingly, Hur uses the death of Biden’s son as a political tool. Parents who have lost children should be outraged. 

After that sobering discussion, Todd and Trygve share the political discussions they’ve been having with friends. Ultimately, everybody is scared about the future, but ridiculing people’s choices doesn’t get you anywhere. We have to work together. Convince people, don’t shame them. 

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