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Violence has no place in the political process

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“It’s Not A Scandal, It’s Reality” (Hour 1)

“It’s Not A Scandal, It’s Reality” (Hour 1)

February 16, 2024 1:00 PM CDT

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Guests: Maggie Daun

Coming up on Sunday, Anderson Cooper is interviewing Andrew Hitt on 60 Minutes. They’ve released a preview, and Hitt is still playing dumb, claiming that he was tricked into aiding the 2020 Wisconsin fake elector scheme. 

In Russia, Putin’s political opponent Alexei Navalny just died in prison. While this may seem unrelated to Andrew Hitt, we take a very impactful call from regular listener Karina that proves otherwise. Trump’s political techniques echo those of Putin, but they are executed with far less tact and precision. Ultimately, the results are similar, as people choose sides out of fear. 

To finish up the discussion on Andrew Hitt, attorney and fellow Civic Media show host Maggie Daun calls in to provide a legal perspective. She agrees that there’s no way Hitt is this dumb, and if he is claiming to be, he should lose his license. 

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