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Super Bowls and Slimy Scams (Hour 3)

Super Bowls and Slimy Scams (Hour 3)

February 9, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC

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This weekend, if you live in or around Richland Center, you can listen to Super Bowl LVIII on WRCO 100.9 FM. Coverage starts at 1 pm with Civic Media sports reporter Mike Clemens. Todd talks with our long time contributor and friend Jeff Perry about the history of sports commentators. 

Scams are on the rise! Remember, anybody can pretend to be somebody they’re not, so if anybody asks you for money via email or over the phone, be skeptical. Reach out to that person with methods you know to be accurate. For example, if you get a call claiming there has been fraud on your credit card, call them back with the number on the back of your card to ensure it’s a real alert. Also, who are older or younger people scammed more often? Todd brings us the answer. 

Aaron’s board game of the week is Wyrmspan! Wyrmspan is a unique spin on Wingspan, a popular bird watching game. If you’ve ever thought about how cool it would be to research dragons, this game is for you. It eschews the bird theme (sorry, Jane Matenaer) for fantasy, and is available now from Stonemaier Games. It’s brand new, so you may not yet find it at your friendly local game store. 

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