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On Offensive Jokes and National Secrets (Hour 3)

On Offensive Jokes and National Secrets (Hour 3)

February 8, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC

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This hour, we take your calls on two main ideas. Firstly, we wrap up last hour’s discussion with Keegan Kelly on offensive humor. If a joke makes somebody upset, is that a problem? If so, who is responsible for solving it? Ultimately, while individuals have the right to simply avoid humor they don’t like, creators and comedians are also responsible for considering the effects of their actions. They also must be open to criticism from the groups that they make light of, and be willing to change their approach. 

Simultaneously, we hear your thoughts on a different topic. Special counsel Robert Hur has determined that President Biden’s handling of classified documents has been problematic, but because he cooperated to remedy the situation, he will not be prosecuted. This begs the question: has any president in modern US history handled their paperwork according to procedure 100% of the time? 

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