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Parking Tickets and Punchlines (Hour 2)

Parking Tickets and Punchlines (Hour 2)

February 7, 2024 at 02:00 PM UTC

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Much like Jim Carrey’s character in Liar Liar, Todd has unpaid parking tickets. Sit back and enjoy as Todd regales us with his tales of Green Bay bureaucracy. He has some great suggestions to make parking easier in the city, and perhaps one day, he will run for mayor. 

After that, we move on from traffic violations to sitcom jokes. Tara Ariano of and Extra Hot Great returns to the show to tell us about the 100 best sitcom punchlines. From M*A*S*H to All In the Family, hear some of Todd and Tara’s favorites! You can check out the article at to see the rest of the list. 

Listen to Tara Ariano and friends review TV shows on their podcast at

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