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Do-Nothing Derrick Strikes Again (Hour 1)

Do-Nothing Derrick Strikes Again (Hour 1)

February 7, 2024 at 01:00 PM UTC

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It’s Hump Day once again, and the gang’s all here! We hear from Pat Kreitlow of UpNorthNews Radio and Trygve Olson of The Lincoln Project on issues around the state and the nation. Derrick “Do-Nothing” Van Orden is living up to his new nickname, as he and his MAGA colleagues refuse to accomplish anything in the House of Representatives. Trump’s followers are stalling to avoid giving Biden a victory, endangering the entire world in the process. Van Orden himself is simply too busy complaining about the lack of Free Bird in the Culver’s playlist. 

As regular listeners may know, Trygve Olson has traveled Eastern Europe, campaigning to promote democracy. He has a deep insight into how politics work in places like Ukraine and Russia, and the consequences of the House’s inaction could be dire. We cannot appease Russia, and thus we must continue to support Ukraine. 

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