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Biden Brings Blatnik Bridge A Billion (Hour 1)

Biden Brings Blatnik Bridge A Billion (Hour 1)

January 25, 2024 1:00 PM CDT

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Guests: Ben Wikler, Bob Jauch

This afternoon President Biden speaks in Superior, Wisconsin on how his administration has been investing in America. As a result of bipartisan infrastructure legislation, one billion dollars are to be spent in Duluth and Superior to replace the Blatnik Bridge. Todd broadcasts live from Superior with a (foggy) view of the bridge to celebrate this historic moment. Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Bob Jauch also joins the discussion! As a native of the area, he truly understands the cultural and financial impact of this bridge on both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ben Wikler, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, also chimes in on what can happen when the political parties stop bickering and work for their constituents. While Republican legislators in both Wisconsin and Minnesota voted against this bill, it did pass, and the people of both states will benefit greatly. Hopefully this success can inspire even more bipartisan collaboration, and if not, perhaps citizens will elect new representatives who are willing to work together. 

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