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Getting Wild!

Getting Wild!

May 4, 2024 11:00 AM CDT

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Today Joel and Mike are joined by special guest Luke Hilgerman from the Theodore Roosevelt Foundation, who shares profound insights on the escalating efforts to safeguard hunting and fishing rights amidst fierce opposition. The conversation explores the dichotomy between the organic food movement and the misconceptions surrounding traditional hunting practices, highlighting the ethical, health, and conservationist arguments that support sustainable harvesting of game.

As they dissect the political landscape affecting outdoor sports, Joel and Luke discuss the influential campaigns in various states aimed at embedding the right to hunt and fish within state constitutions. The episode sheds light on the widespread bipartisan support for these rights, challenging the narrative that conservation issues are solely partisan. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the nationwide push towards constitutional amendments, with a special focus on recent successes in Florida and ongoing initiatives across the country.

Wrapping up, the dialogue turns to the personal responsibility and activism necessary to combat the well-funded opposition to outdoor sports. The hosts call on the community to get involved and support organizations that align with their values, emphasizing the power of collective action in preserving the rights to hunt and fish for future generations. This episode is a rallying cry for all outdoor enthusiasts to stand united in defense of their heritage and the environment.

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