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Host: Joel Kleefisch

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Born in Waukesha and making his adventuresome life in Wisconsin, Joel Kleefisch is Raised in Wisco! Join Joel and co-host Danielle Fairman weekly to hear their fresh perspective enjoying the great outdoors is Wisconsin–and eating well afterwards. The pair first worked together on their successful TV show “Kill it, Clean it, Cook it,” which ran for 13 years on WISN 12 and focused on “eating what you kill.” Joel has served 14 years in the State Assembly, mingled with presidents, traveled the world on hunting and fishing adventures, and experienced everything the great state of Wisconsin has to offer. His unique perspective makes for must-listen radio!

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Senator Robert Stafsholt and SCI

Joel and Danielle are joined by Senator Robert Stafsholt, chairman of the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Small Business and Rural Issues, to talk about the Wisconsin outdoors and Safari Club International.

2nd Amendment Gunsmithing LLC

Joel and Danielle are joined by Mathew Tenges, owner and head gunsmith at 2nd Amendment Gunsmithing LLC, and his daughter Angie Tinsley to talk about all things firearms.

Hardwater Freaks

Danielle is joined in studio by marine infantry veteran, personal trainer, and owner/operator of Hardwater Freaks, Max Zaruba. Hardwater Freaks a social media platform centered around ice fishing and community building. The group also hosts benefits that bring the outdoors to veterans and children.

Epic Guide Services

Joel and Danielle are joined by Jacob Kaprelian, owner and guide of Epic Guide Services. They talk about Joel's Chinese water deer hunt in England and the guided services that Jacob offers.

Calling in the New Year

Danielle is joined in the studio by Angie Tinsley and Michelle Faretta for the final show of 2022! They recap their holiday weekends and reminisce on the best hunts of the year.

Girl's Night: Christmas Edition

With Joel out of town for the holiday, Danielle brings her friend Angie into the studio to talk about archery, getting women and youth involved in the sport, and thrilling stories from the hunt.

Huntin', Fishin', Lovin' Everyday

With Danielle out of town this week. Joel is joined by surprise co-host Rob Brennecke, hunter/mother Jean Reed, and very special guest Rob Sherper, owner of the Sherper's outdoor sporting good's store. They talk about everything pertaining to the outdoors and hunting.

Hours in the Stand

Joel and Danielle chat with whitetail expert, Paul Hausz and one of his master students, Rob Brennecke. They talk about two of the most under looked factors in deer hunting; patience and the mental game.

Tales from the Hunt

Joel is back from Florida bringing tales of alligator and iguana hunting. Then, Paul 'the White Tale Whisperer' Hausz joins the show to share his craziest whitetail stories, how to get started in the sport, and his best tips for harvesting a trophy buck.

Wisconsin Whitetail: Week 2

With Joel in Florida hunting boar and alligator, Danielle welcomes deer hunting expert Jared Grunewald and master taxidermist Kyle Schmidt to talk about whitetail in Wisconsin. The conversations include; when to hunt for sheds, how to properly utilize decoys on your hunts, and everything you should be aware of when preserving your animal for taxidermy.