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Back in Action with Rep. Dora Drake and Jay Heck

Back in Action with Rep. Dora Drake and Jay Heck

May 18, 2024 2:00 PM CDT

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Mark Thomsen returns to airwaves in this triumphant candidacy announcement with Dora Drake, candidate for 4th Senate District. Dora is currently in the assembly and now sets her sights on the Senate.

The conversation takes a deep dive into the special election for Wisconsin's 4th Senate District, set for July 30th, 2024. Drake, running for this significant seat, outlines the unique challenges and opportunities within the district—from urban forests like Havenwood to suburban areas like Glendale. She articulates her vision for a new era of service-oriented leadership that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), pushing back against recent legislative challenges to DEI initiatives in the state.

Listeners will not only get a clearer understanding of the geographic and political nuances of the 4th Senate District but also grasp the broader implications of the upcoming elections. Drake's commitment to a multiracial democracy and her strategic insights into gaining a Democratic majority in the Senate underscore a critical dialogue on the future of governance in Wisconsin.

Plus, Mark welcomes Jay Heck, the longstanding director of Common Cause, to discuss the evolving landscape of voting rights, focusing on the controversial topic of voter drop boxes and their impact on electoral access. This engaging discussion not only sheds light on the strategic battles waged to protect democratic integrity but also highlights significant legal challenges and their broader implications for voters across the state. Jay provides an insightful overview of the Common Cause’s advocacy efforts, emphasizing their ongoing fight to ensure every vote counts in Wisconsin—a state with a rich history of high voter turnout and bipartisan support for accessible voting.

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