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You’re now part of the resistance. Join Mark Thomsen, attorney and WI Elections Commissioner, in heeding the call! Mondays at 7pm central time we will be discussing the perilous position Wisconsin finds itself in. We’ll talk about what’s at risk, meet the players on both sides, and tell YOU how you can do your part in fostering a free, fair and robust elections system in the state- and eventually, the nation.

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The Democratic Party of Waukesha

Mark is joined in studio by the chairman of the Democratic party of Waukesha, Matt Mareno. They talk about the lessons learned from the midterm and the spring primary, building progressive support in one of the reddest counties in the country, and moving Wisconsin forward.

The Milwaukee County Common Council Race w/ David Bowen

Mark is joined by former state representative, David Bowen, to talk about his bid for the Milwaukee County Common Council in the April special election.

Souls to the Polls Wisconsin

Mark is joined by the Reverend Greg Lewis, executive director of Souls to the Polls Wisconsin, and Anita Johnson, the organization's voting education specialist and community outreach manager. Souls to the polls seeks to educate communities about elections, help register voters, and provide transportation to the polls.

Senate District 8 Special Election

Mark is joined by Jodi Habush Sinykin, Democratic candidate for the Senate District 8 special election. They discuss her background, her experience on the campaign trail, and what she hopes to bring to the legislature.

The State of the Unions

Mark is joined by Stephanie Bloomingdale, the first woman elected the President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, to discuss the state of unions and labor in the state and across the country.

Criminal Justice and Police Brutality

Guest host Craig Mastantuono is joined by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisolm to talk about criminal justice in light of the recent killing of Tyre Nichols.

Looking Ahead with State Senator Chris Larson

Mark is joined by District 7 Senator Chris Larson to discuss the legislative future of the state of Wisconsin.

Bringing in the New Year with Blue Sky Waukesha

Mark sits down with the president of Blue Sky Waukesha, Kristin Hansen and the organization's director of voter engagement, Lauren Yoder. They talk about the mission of Blue Sky Waukesha, their successes in 2022, and look forward to the elections of the coming year.

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Lt. Governor-Elect Sarah Rodriguez LIVE in Studio

Host Mark Thomsen is joined in the studio by Lieutenant Governor-Elect Sarah Rodriguez. They recap the Waukesha Christmas Parade, discuss the path from candidate to winner, and talk about major issues she plans on tackling with Governor Evers.

Moving Forward: Democracy in Wisconsin

Scott Thompson, staff counsel at Law Forward (a non profit organization that seeks to advance democracy), joins the show to discuss the organization's analysis of Wisconsin's last supreme court session. The Deconstructing Democracy Report analyzes 3 themes; direct attacks on democracy, consolidating of power to the legislature, and results oriented judging.