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We are brothers who grew up in Packer Country and are passionate, lifelong Packers fans. To paraphrase Denny Green “We are who we thought we were!” We tell it like we see it, and try to keep it informative and entertaining. Plus, with regular guests like Viking Moe, Raider Ric, Nicko, and Luck of the Eckes, we have some fun along the way! We’ll take your calls too, but be sure to bring your comments, questions and outright opinions!

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Salutes and Beefs

Jason and Ben are coming to terms with the reality of this season... but they're not out of the game yet! (Plus they have a backup plan...) Bruce calls in for the first time and a very special Birthday Fart Gun Salute!

Is the season over? Not if the Packers coaches make the right decisions

Hafeman Bros talk about how even though it was a disappointing loss at Detroit, the season can still be salvaged. Plus a Mike McCarthy story from "Luck of the Eckes"

Signs of Life & Charles Woodson speaks up!

It's November and The Pack is 3-5, but last week's loss at Buffalo has the Hafeman Bros feeling...encouraged? We also salute Grandpa's birthday and present evidence about the main reason Aaron Rodgers stopped making divisive and destructive comments after games (Thank You C-Wood).

The Aaron Rodgers Soap Opera Continues

The Packers 50 million dollar QB is driving a big bus and no one is safe from it (except him of course)! Well, the Hafeman Bros have had enough of it! We share Rodgers' hypocrisy and lack of accountability for his own play -- and his lack of leadership. Raider Ric and William call in to help us seek other players on the team who could turn this ship around. Plus our Packer correspondent, Lee, shares some insight and Zero gives us a HUGE surprise about the upcoming match-up against the Bills. As always, Ben and Jason give it to you straight on The Packers Outright Opinions Show!

Trouble in Green Acres

Jason and Ben decipher post-game commentary from Aaron Rodgers and Coach La Fleur, take your calls and debate the Silent But Deadly Player of the Game!

A Squeaker against the Pats & Steno, it's time for a reno

The Bros talk about the W over the Patriots (although it was a little tighter than expected - a win is a win)!  They also give their Silent But Deadly players of the week and have a lengthy beef about what will likely be the key to the entire season!  Will Adam Stenovich make the right moves?  If he listens to Hafeman Bros - then YES!

C'mon coach, put him in!

Jason and Ben talk about our team picking up speed, and introduce The Silent But Deadly Player of the Week! Also, the boys have some beef... and they'll share.

Predictions, hot takes and more, on Packer Outright Opinion

This is no time to celebrate

Welcome to Packer Outright Opinion! Today Jason and Ben reflect on the week, being careful to keep their eyes on the ball. We may have gotten that W last week, but let's face it - we're not out of the woods yet!

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our Packers...

Jason and Ben discuss the palpable tension between Matt LaFluer and Aaron Rodgers, the unfortunate start to their season, and take your calls!

Packer Outright Opinions

The tailgate has begun!  Join Jason and Ben Hafeman, brothers who share one true passion - most of the time - Wisconsin's Very own Packers!  Tune it for fun football facts, hot takes, roster analysis and more!