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Matt Flynn – Direct is a no-holds-barred political conversation. Every afternoon, Matt shares his perspective as a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and decades of experience as an attorney in Milwaukee. Right, left, or center: Matt takes on all callers and remember, you’re not woke if you don’t know history.

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Snowed-In Edition

In his last show before the Christmas holiday, Matt talks about the federal government funding bill and the speech given by the Ukrainian president in front of the United States congress.

Final January 6th Hearing Reaction

Matt breaks down the recommendations the January 6th committee made to the Department of Justice in regard to the insurrection incited by former President Trump.

Vandal Policy

Matt breaks down the catastrophic policy proposals from Wisconsin's Republican legislature and the terrible war being waged against Ukraine.

Super Trump; More Like Stupid Trump

Matt discusses Trump's entrance into the NFT scene and the lead up to the Republican Presidential primary.

Facing the Fascists

Matt talks about growing threats all over the globe, and takes your calls.

Shifting Parties

Matt discusses whether DeSantis can be the new face of the Republican party and the how the Democrats deal with Sinema and Manchin.

All these Clowns Want a Committee

Matt discusses the divisions that the Speaker of the House position is causing within the Republican party.

Jumping Ship

Matt gives his perspective on Krysten Sinema's announcement that she will be leaving the Democratic party and takes your calls.

Unfortunately, I Have to Talk About Him Again

Matt discusses the measures he wants taken against Putin's regime, the revelation that Trump was in possession of MORE classified documents than previously discovered, and issues of the Supreme Court.

81 years ago, today

Matt recognizes the 81st year passed the attack on pearl harbor, discusses a GOP in disarray, and takes your calls.