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Matt Flynn – Direct is a no-holds-barred political conversation. Every afternoon, Matt shares his perspective as a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and decades of experience as an attorney in Milwaukee. Right, left, or center: Matt takes on all callers and remember, you’re not woke if you don’t know history.

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Juvenile Delinquents

Matt recaps the deplorable behavior displayed by certain Republicans during the State of the Union address and other pressing political stories.

One for the History Books

Matt discusses an especially spicy State of the Union address, along with President Biden's address in DeForest, WI the following day.


Matt discusses the approaching debt limit and Republican lawmakers holding social security hostage.

The Primary Concern

Matt keeps up to date on the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, the debt ceiling, and the war in Ukraine.

A Mixed Bag

Matt and callers get into the most pressing political stories of the day; including the federal debt ceiling and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Holding Court

Matt discusses the importance of Wisconsin's upcoming race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Splitting Apart

Matt discusses the enfolding disarray in the Republican party and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Race

Matt and his callers get into the weeds on all four Wisconsin Supreme Court candidates.

Same Stuff, Different Day

After technical issues forcing a replay for the first segment of the show, Matt digs deeper into the Wisconsin Supreme court race and the Republican's desire to cut social security.

The Dirt

Matt breaks down the latest news on Darrow and her son's connection to a Fentanyl death and other pressing political stories.