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Matt Flynn – Direct is a no-holds-barred political conversation. Every afternoon, Matt shares his perspective as a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and decades of experience as an attorney in Milwaukee. Right, left, or center: Matt takes on all callers and remember, you’re not woke if you don’t know history.

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Maybe They're Projecting

Matt starts the show by talking about the Wisconsin Supreme Court race and Dan Kelly's platform before attempting to ease fears over the banking system.

Few and Far Between

Matt discusses all the most pressing political stories of the day; the bank crisis, the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, and more!

Money, Money, Money

Matt talks about the potential bank crisis, the upcoming Supreme Court election, and what else is on the ballot in the April.

About Time We Charged the Guy

Matt gives a refresh about all of the reasons Donald Trump should be charged in light of new developments and talks about why you should vote for Judge Janet.

Keep Pro Sports in Milwaukee

Man talks about the the importance of having professional sports teams in the city of Milwaukee in light of recent news regarding the Milwaukee Brewer's quest for a new stadium.

If You Looked for Yourself, You'd Understand

Matt refutes attacks on Judge Janet Protasiewicz, as well as talks about ongoing investigations into fake electors and increasing the debt limit.

They Went On the Air and Lied

Matt talks about the confirmation that Fox News was knowingly lying about the 2020 election and the January 6th insurrection.

Protecting Their Guy

Matt discusses the efforts of Republican lawmakers to protect Donald Trump from being investigated and prosecuted.

Do Not Take This Lightly

Matt talks about the anti-democratic movements taking place across all levels and branches of our government.

The Dirty Little Secret

Matt talks about all the latest surrounding the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, congressional Republican shenanigans, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.