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Matt Flynn – Direct is a no-holds-barred political conversation. Every morning, Matt shares his perspective as a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and decades of experience as an attorney in Milwaukee. Right, left, or center: Matt takes on all callers and remember, you’re not woke if you don’t know history.

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Matt's Triumphant Return

Matt has come back from sabbatical to deliver the same honest, hard-hitting news and opinions, now in the afternoons from 3-4 PM.

Why Do I Pay More Taxes Than Ron Johnson?

Matt continues taking a round of callers to start off the hour, then discussing the upcoming election. He also emphasizes the importance of Moore v Harper and how important it is to stop Independent State Legislature Theory. 

Remember, he’s taking a sabbatical beginning Monday, and new shows will be back mid-November in the 3 PM slot. Stay tuned on Civic Media and across social media for updates on the exact date.

A Woman Has a Choice

Matt discusses the Pennsylvania senate race between Fetterman and Oz. He also updates on a shocking new statement from one of Putin’s allies, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, calling for a Russian “jihad” in Ukraine.

Caller Variety Hour

Matt takes your calls on a variety of subjects!

We Can Fight Harder

Matt talks about Turkey’s relationships with Russia, NATO, and the EU. He also explains voter scare tactics he’s seen over the years and how effective they can be. Dr Oz’s campaign is another topic of discussion.