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Little Free Libraries to save the planet

Thanks for tuning into In Pursuit Of Sunshine! Welcome to IPOS on air with Noemy!  Join us as we discuss climate justice, how it intersects with all aspects of our lives, and how you can work towards a more sustainable and equitable world, because it is our responsibility to take care of our community.  So join us every Friday night at 7pm on Devils Radio 92.7 FM to hear from activists and citizens, like you. Today Noemy is joined by Savannah Ahnen, Maitreyee Maratue and Giri Venkataramanan,  the creators of the Electric Little Free Library project in Madison, WI.  These solar-powered mini-kiosks provide a resource that anybody in the community can access and contribute to.  We discuss the impetus for the project, how it's developed over the year, and what it's creators hope to achieve - and communicate - for their community. For more information on the project, visit the link below!

Owls in the sun

Thanks for tuning to In Pursuit of Sunshine!  Today Noemy is joined by O.W.L, an organization turning their attention to the importance of interacting and engaging with nature from a young age.  Special musical guest Flying Fuzz.

IPOS on Climate Legacy

Thanks for tuning into IPOS!  Today's show features special musical guest Sturgeon Morris.