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Keeping one train of thought is never easy. The Dueling Tangents with Luke & Bryan is sharing what we find important in the day’s headlines and connecting with the stories we believe people need to know. Get ready for a side story here and there… but we promise to share how its all relevant.

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Bread and Water? I choose bread.

Luke and Bryan do their best to sway our lovely listeners to do the right thing.

The morning after

Luke and Bryan break down Governor Ever's State of the State address from the night before and more!

Willing and Able 2: Electric Boogaloo

William Walter joins Luke for the clout, the luls, and universal praise. Also the heart of democracy itself.

Will = Good, WIL = Bad

Luke and Bryan sound the alarm, it's getting hinky out there.

Willing and Able

William Walter joins Luke before we all break for the weekend! Robin Vos shares a scenario that isn’t happening in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court wraps up its review into the Dobbs leak, and more!

Paul Rudd, climate change, Ivermectin - oh my!!

Luke and Bryan dig into the deets, from forcing medical professionals to provide unproven, possibly dangerous interventions to Slappin' da Bayeesa. And so much more.

Getting Recombed all in the Bobulation

Luke is joined by Dan Schafer of the Recombobulation Area to get the weekly update we need AND deserve.

Where there's a Will, there's a way

William Walter comes down to take credit for the warm streak we've received, and Luke and Will discuss how the bad faith in the GOP legislature is intentional.

Good = W for Will

Beloved affiliate of the Civic Media Network William Walter steps up to fill some mighty large shoes for the day.