Director's Cut

Host: James Malouf and Seth Habhegger

Arts | Performing Arts

Your local arts & entertainment show. There are so many wonderfully talented individuals in the area that we needed a show to feature them all. WFHR Program Director James Malouf & Head of Production Seth Habhegger will preview local productions, what’s new on your small and big screen, music, books, and they’ll welcome local artists & musicians for great conversations and performances. They’ll also be taking audience feedback and requests! It’s artists supporting artists, in their own words.

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What do Joan Crawford, Debra Winger, and Russell Crowe all have in common?

Seth and James look at what's new on the small and big screen this weekend, actors' who have turned down roles out of spite, and television controversies through the decades.

Ben Chitek

Ben discusses upcoming appearances, the creative process and shares several songs, including tracks from his upcoming album including "Upon A Red January" and "Grow Young".

New Year, New Stuff, Same Old Hosts

James and Seth review the year 2022 in entertainment, a look ahead to TV and streaming shows coming in January and February, and a further look at movies in the first part of the year.

Merry Christmas from Director's Cut!

The James Gang enters prime time to discuss their top 5 holidays, weird and terrifying Christmas films, favorite holiday specials, and celebrity Christmas albums that time forgot.

The Return of Bria Ann Kreiger

Bria and the boys talk about the release of her new short story "The World Ends Christmas Day", then Seth and James discuss the best Christmas movies of the 2000s and wrap up the show with favorite classic holiday films.

Just the facts, ma'am...

James and Seth talk about the local music scene, WRCT's Miracle on 34th Street, Shut Up and Take My Money!, and the premier of the Mighty Rapids Art Players first audio drama, Art-Net.

Does "My Mother the Car" really need another season?

The lads talk about what's on the small and big screens, a local theater update, how long is too long to keep a TV show going, and a couple of Honorable Mention albums you should check out.

Local Author Bria Ann Krieger

Bria discusses her process for writing, what it's like to self publish, and her podcast Hi-Ho Pistachio.

Correcting Myth-Takes

James and Seth look at the local theater scene, what's coming up on the big screen through the end of the year, Correcting Myth-Takes about Johnny Ace and the Princess Bride, and Seth's ARNOLD story.