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The Real World Enters the Classroom

The Real World Enters the Classroom

June 20, 2024 7:00 PM CDT

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Dr. Tim Slekar delves into the unfiltered realities of teaching in today's politically charged environment with today's guest, Nancy Flanagan. Known for her fearless blogging and candid discussions, Nancy shares insights from her latest blog, "Ignoring the Real World in the Classroom," challenging the directives that prevent educators from addressing significant current events with their students.

Nancy recounts powerful moments from her teaching career, including the reactions and administrative challenges during major historical events like the September 11 attacks and the January 6 insurrection. The episode highlights the crucial role of teacher professionalism and the need for courageous administrators who support educators in addressing real-world issues.

Join this engaging discussion as Nancy Flanagan explores the intersection of education, politics, and the essential need for honest classroom conversations.

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